Q: What do you look like??


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Daria Werbowy at Atelier Versace, Spring/Summer 2004

I’ll slander Kim K as much as I want in 2014 thankyouverymuch.

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Q: I keep making the mistake of assuming that all the blogs I follow are run by ladies. Whenever you post a selfie I am reminded that you are instead a very handsome man.

Haha, well you wouldn’t be the first one to assume I’m a girl so don’t feel bad.

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Magdalena Frackowiak at Jil Sander, Spring/Summer 2008
Julia Stegner at Givenchy, Spring/Summer 2009
Bianca Balti in Plein Soleil for Elle France, July 5, 2013
Shot by Marcin Tyszka
Styled by Jeanne Le Bault
Carmen Dell’Orefice by Norman Parkinson for Vogue, July 1959

No really anon, I want to know how the hell I’m promoting anorexia? I highly doubt it’s the case and you are rather just trying to get them to delete my blog for your own personal problem with me.

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If you want to tackle the pro-ana community on Tumblr I sure as shit shouldn’t be your first stop.

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Charlotte di Calypso at Marni, Spring/Summer 2007
Q: stop promoting anorexia. you have been reported

Excuse me? How on earth am I promoting anorexia?

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Decided to experiment with bangs today. I clearly live an exciting and wild life.